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Judith Enterkin

Associate Professor

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  • Telephone:
    020 7815 8344
  • School/Division:
    Health and Social Care / Adult Nursing and Midwifery

Judith Enterkin is Principal Lecturer in Leadership in the School of Health and Social Care. She has interests in leadership and change management, service improvement, coaching and mentorship for leadership, supporting and facilitating learning concerning clinical leadership. She teaches in the academic setting and currently works as a facilitator in bespoke clinical leadership programmes.

Judith spent nine years working in a join practice and education post for King's College, London in paediatric critical care and prior to that was a sister in paediatric critical care for eight years. She has a Post Graduate Certificate in Academic practice from King's College London, an MSc in Nursing Research and practice development from the University of Manchester and a BSc Health Studies from the University of Surrey.

MSc Leadership and Service Improvement in Health Care

Level 4 (Year 1)

  • Innovation for Excellence-Leading Service Improvement

Level 5 (Year 2)

  • Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership in Health Care
  • Professional Development through contract learning

MSc Nursing, Health Care, Children's Nursin

  • Supervision
  • Supervision of dissertations for MSc students

Level 4 (Year 1)

  • Innovation for Excellence-Leading Service Improvement

PhD research study commenced 2010 - Navigating the transition from staff nurse to ward sister/charge nurse.

Expertise in paediatric critical care nurses [MSc Dissertation - Unpublished], University of Manchester 2001.

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