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Jim Ingram

Senior Research Fellow

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    020 7815 7980
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    Engineering / Chemical and Energy Engineering

Dr. Jim Ingram graduated with a degree in Applied Chemistry from Brunel University in 1989. He then Joined the Explosion and Fire Research Group at London South Bank University and was awarded a PhD in the development of instrumentation for and investigation of residual fuel oil flammability hazards in ships bunker tanks in 1995. Subsequently he took a post as a Post Doctoral Research Fellow within the EFRG and has been involved in a number of projects both conducting research and producing safety guidance on behalf of a number of organisations.

He has played a key role in the development of Sellafield Ltd in house standards for the control of hydrogen explosion hazards in nuclear chemical plant and during decommissioning operations. He has been an active contributor to Sellafield Ltd’s ‘Flammable Gases Centre of Expertise’ for over 20 years, with which the research group has a partnership arrangement. He has a specialist research interest in the ignition of hydrogen of hydrogen air/mixtures by mechanical impact.

Dr Ingram's primary field of expertise is in the assessment control and mitigation of fire and explosion hazards, particularly in relation to hydrogen, and have published over 25 papers in peer reviewed journals. At a fundamental level this work involves aspects of a range of subjects including combustion, heat transfer, tribology and impact mechanics. Much of this work has been conducted on behalf of Sellafield ltd in support of decommission operations. Most recently research has been conducted on the mechanical ignition of hydrogen and fundamental aspects of mechanical impact/generated surface temperatures.

This is specifically of relevance to the emptying of nuclear silos containing hydrogen containing sludges. Passive ventilation of hydrogen from enclosures is another key area of research relevant to both nuclear decommissioning and hydrogen energy. Research work has also recently been conducted on oxygen system safety and on fridge/freezer fires.

He is currently conducting research into the safety of Liquid hydrogen as a fuel for civil aviation as part of the H2020 ENABLEH2 project - Enabling cryogenic hydrogen based CO2 free air transport.

As part of the EU H2020 ENABLEH2 project I am designing and constructing a test rig pressure vessel to characterise flammability, MIE, burning velocity, KG, for hydrogen-air mixtures at simulated altitude low pressure/temperature conditions (10 km and -50°C).

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