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Federico Rossi

Associate Professor – Founding Director of DARLAB

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    +44 (0)20 7815 7130
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    Built Environment and Architecture / Architecture

Federico Rossi is an Associate Professor in Architecture and Digital Manufacturing at London South Bank University with over 15 years of experience in digital manufacturing and robotics in the field of AEC industry.

Graduated from Architectural Association in London, he trained as an architect working for Nigel Coates and Dame Zaha Hadid with focus in digital manufacturing processes in construction. In 2013, he secured a fund of £400k from HEFCE for the creation of the Digital Architecture and Robotics Lab (DARLAB) with the scope to examine the changes for architectural production with robotic manufacturing.

Since 2016, as founding director of DARLAB, Federico developed consultancy projects for Volkswagen, Astana Energy Expo, Ars Electronica, SCM Group, Veolia, Dyson, Quayola and Southwark Council exploring research topics Design for Additive Manufacturing, Circular Manufacturing, Large Scale Reinforced Polymer Structures and Robotic Advanced Manufacturing.

In 2018 received a grant from Knowledge Exchange & Embed Partnership (KEEP+) with Titan Reality Ltd funded by EU Horizon 2020 for the development of a digital design workflow for innovative acoustic surfaces through robotics fabrication processes.

Recently, the project SCRAM - Sustainable Construction through Robotic Additive Manufacturing - was awarded from EPSRC UKMSN+ to develop a digital workflow using robotics additive manufacturing, machine learning and topology optimization for production of large-scale 3D printed protypes in order to demonstrate the potential of recycled based polymers in the AEC industry.

Research outputs in the field of robotic additive manufacturing will include a prestigious collaboration with the European Space Agency, Directorate of Human and Robotic Exploration, for the development of robotic 3D printed planetary habitat using reinforced recycled polymers.

Federico is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and his work has been published, exhibited internationally including Salone del Mobile, Wired Magazine, Domus, Royal Academy Summer Show, Italian Trade Agency and the European Cultural Centre in Venice, Italy.

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Federico has architecture in Higher Education for over 15 years focusing his teaching activities on the fields digital design and technologies. Currently he is module leader for Technology 01 and 02 in the BA (Hons) Architecture and PhD supervisor for additive manufacturing and robotics research topics.

Federico has led design studio at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, and it was invited as guest critic at the Architectural Association, The Bartlett, East London University and University of Arts.

In 2020 was invited from European Space Agency to lead an education research project at the master of Narrative Environments for the Spatial Practices Programme at Central Saint Martins (CSM), University of the Arts London.

Federico is research active in the field of digital manufacturing with focus computational design, DfAM, development of advanced materials through robotic manufacturing using non-standard materials such as ultra-polymers and composites.

Through subtractive and additive robotic manufacturing, he is developing the possibility of directly fabricating building components designed expanding the AEC industry. Using robotics and automation to break typical constraints and solves common problems, for instance by implementing digital workflow in manufacturing embedded with the design process itself with integration of new materials.

Most recently, I collaborated with the European Space Agency for the development of 3D printed planetary habitat.

Federico Rossi's research has focused on four areas:

  • Computational Design and Process Innovation
  • Advanced Materials and Constructive Systems
  • Robotic and Automation with Subtractive and Additive Processes
  • Integrated Digital Design Processes
  • Circular Manufacturing and Sustainable Materials

The research activities concentrate on the development and implementation of digital design processes with advanced fabrication logics for the additive production of highly informed, non-standardised architectonic products.

Through subtractive and additive robotic manufacturing, Federico developed the possibility of directly fabricate building components designed using robotics and automation to break typical constraints and solves common problems, for instance by implementing digital workflow in manufacturing embedded with the design process itself with integration of new materials.

At the London South Bank University is covering the following roles:

  • Research Lead for Architecture Division
  • Member of Research and Enterprise Committee
  • Director of Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab
  • Main REF2021 contributor for the Division of Architecture

Selected research outputs:

ECC - Time Space Existence 2021

Murray, L. and Rossi, F. (2021). London South Bank University. in: Time Space Existence 2021 Venice, Italy ECC Italy.

Investigating local buckling in highly slender elliptical hollow sections through analysis of 3D-printed analogues

McCann, F. and Rossi, F. (2020). Investigating local buckling in highly slender elliptical hollow sections through analysis of 3D-printed analogues. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Coupled Instabilities in Metal Structures. Lodz University of Technology, Poland 13 - 15 Jul 2020

An Introduction to DARLAB – Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab

Rossi, F. (2020). An Introduction to DARLAB – Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab. LSBU’s Sustainability & Climate Action Event Series 2020. London South Bank University

Ever Growth

Rossi, F. (2017). Ever Growth. in: Federico, R (ed.) The Italian Stone Theatre Marmomac 2017 Italy Editoriale Domus S.P.A.

Fibre Wonder

Rossi, F. Rossi, F. (ed.) (2018). Fibre Wonder. London DARLAB Publishing.

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Federico has been engaging with both academic and industrial affiliations in the field of architecture, design, and manufacturing.

  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, FRSA
  • Registered Architect, SBA (Dutch Architects Registration Board)
  • Member, ACADIA (Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture)
  • Academic Member of Robots in Architecture

Federico regularly participates to events, symposiums in the field of design and manufacturing.

Selected activities outputs:

  • European Space Agency/DLR Workshop on 3D Bioprinting in Space– Speaker and Contributor – Online event, March 2022
  • European Space Agency Workshop on Advanced Manufacturing – Speaker and Contributor – Online event, March 2021
  • LSBU Sustainability and Climate Action Events Series - Carbon, Climate, Energy and Resources – Speaker – Online event, June 2020
  • NXTBLD 2019 conference, Queen Elizabeth Auditorium London – Keynote speaker – London, June 2019
  • Architecture of The Future Conference – New advancement in digital construction – Keynote speaker – Kiev, October 2018
  • PACT: Parallelism in Architecture, Engineering & Computing Techniques – Keynote speaker – London, October 2017
  • Italian Stone Theatre – Ever Growth robotic stone milling – Keynote speaker – Verona, Italy September 2017
  • XYL Expo 2018 Smart Factory 4.0 – Keynote speaker – Milan, February 2018
  • Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Immersive Media Conference, AIRIM – Keynote Speaker – London, November 2017
  • Design for Manufacturing Forum – Keynote speaker for Design for Manufacturing – – London, June 2017
  • Ars Electronica: Robotic Manufacturing in the field of art at ARS Electronica – Speaker – Linz, September 2016
  • Canon UK Digital Lecture Series: Digital Architecture and Robotic Lab, recent projects – Keynote Speaker – London, July 2016
  • Driving role of robotic technology plays in the design and arts & crafts industries – Keynote Speaker - Vibo Valentia, Italy, February 2016
  • Vision London: The future of the built environment – Speaker – London, February 2016
  • Ligna Expo 2015: Industry 4.0 for digital timber construction – Speaker – Hannover, May 2015
  • Anthea Foundation: Advancements in Architectural Design – Keynote speaker – Rimini, May 2015
  • Vaulted Table : a new concept of advanced manufacturing with 6 axis CNC – Keynote Speaker – Milan, April 2013
  • Arup Explores Prototyping: large scale 3D print for D-Shape Technologies – Keynote Speaker – London, March 2012
  • Algorithmic Architecture Conference and Workshops: generative design and digital manufacturing technologies in architecture – Conference Organizer – Rimini, January 2012
  • Shape to Fabrication 4 Conference and Workshops': cutting-edge technology, innovative construction and applications in architecture, engineering and design – Conference Organizer with Gregory Epps – London, November 2011