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Dr Yongxu Zhu

Dr Yongxu Zhu



Dr. Yongxu Zhu is Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Informatics, School of Engineering. She received a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University College London in 2017. From 2017 to 2019, she was a Research Associate at Loughborough University. She is currently a Lecturer(Assistant Professor) with the Division of Computer Science and informatics, London South Bank University,since 2019.

Her research interests include Intelligent Reflecting Surface Communications, UAV communications, wireless edge caching, millimeter-wave communications, heterogeneous cellular networks, physical-layer security, and Blockchain.

Dr Zhu has leads the project '3D Path planning for autonomous UAV under the wireless communication network' from Altar Ltd, and she leads the ‘Research Intern Scheme' at London South Bank University. She is key research in the EPSRC project ‘Unlocking Potentials of MIMO Full-duplex Radios for Heterogeneous Networks' from 2017-2019.

She has co-authored more than 20 refereed IEEE journal papers, 9 conference papers, and some book chapters.

  • Systems - Cyber Threats, Vulnerabilities & Countermeasures (MS)
  • Statistical Analysis and Modelling (MS)
  • Professional Practice
  • Discrete mathematics

Mobile Communication and Heterogeneous Networks:

  • Millimeter wave
  • UAV enabled Communications
  • Wireless edge caching
  • Reconfigurable-intelligent-surfaces empowered wireless networks

Cyber Security in Communication Systems:

  • Blockchain
  • Decentralized network
  • Physical layer security
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  • IEEE Member

Dr Zhu has served as an Editor of the IEEE Wireless Communication Letters from 2020-2024, and Guest Editor of IEEE Internet of Things Journal Special Issue on ‘Intelligent Blockchain for Internet of Things’ in 2020. She also servers TPC member as conference such as WCNC, Globecom, ICC, ICT, WCSP, ICNC, IEEE GreenCom, COMNETSAT.