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Dr Paul Holborn

Dr Paul Holborn

Research Fellow


Paul is a Senior Research Fellow in Explosions and Fire Research (EFR) with interests in modelling of fire and explosions, hydrogen gas safety, sprinkler/mist suppression systems and the statistical analysis of fire data.

This expertise has been successfully applied to a large number of externally funded research contracts awarded to EFR over the last 19 years, including work for Brandforsk (the Swedish fire research board), Building Research Establishment (FRS), DETR, London Fire Brigade and Sellafield Ltd.

Before joining LSBU, as a post-doctoral Research Fellow in 1995, he worked as a Research Assistant at UCL on a 3 year SERC/HSE funded project to predict flashover in building fires, where he was also registered for a part-time PhD entitled "The Nonlinear Dynamics of Flashover in Compartment Fires", which was awarded in 1994.

Research to model and predict the mitigation of hydrogen explosions by water mist, nitrogen dilution and chemical additives for Sellafield Ltd. Modelling of hydrogen gas explosions using the FLACS CFD gas explosion code. Analysing data collected by London Fire Brigade Fire Investigators to identify fire death risk factors and obtain characteristic data suitable for QRA models. Development and integration of a Lagrangian Particle Tracking sprinkler model, into the BRE JASMINE Computational Fluid Dynamics code. Modelling of sprinkler-hot smoke interactions and other fire scenarios using both the JASMINE CFD code and the in-house sprinkler code SPLASH.

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  • Supporting the Sellafield Ltd Flammable Gas Centre of Expertise
  • Member of Hydrogen London