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Dr Jeremy Ball

Lecturer - Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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    0207 815 7552
  • School/Division:
    Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Ball is presently a lecturer in electrical and electronic engineering at London South Bank University supervising both PhD students and UG students. He manages the deposition, materials characterisation and optoelectronic laboratories of the Advanced Materials Centre and coordinates outreach activities.

He has a background in electrical and electronic engineering with research interests in novel thin film and nanostructured materials for a wide variety of device applications. He specialises in the fabrication of thin film and nanostructured device active layers such as silicon nanowires, sulphide semiconductors, 2D materials and semiconductor metal oxides along with their fabrication into complete devices.

Using a variety of deposition techniques ranging from plasma chemical vapour deposition to solution based methods such as drop casting he has been involved in projects fabricating nanostructured solar cells to antibacterial coatings.

Dr Ball has extensive experience of material characterisation techniques including Raman spectroscopy, scanning electron and atomic force microscopy. This experience includes electrical and optical characterisation of materials and devices using techniques such as Hall Effect measurement and ultra violet –visible spectrophotometery.

He has been involved with collaborations with the SuperGen consortium group of University and industrial partners and industrial partners including companies such as Pilkington Glass and novel start-ups such as EcherKon technologies. He has presented his work at both national and international conferences and published in a wide variety of peer reviewed journals including the co-authoring of a book chapter published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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  • Member Institute of Engineering Technology (IET)
  • Associate Member Institute of Physics (IOP)