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Jamie Smith-Spark

Dr James Smith-Spark

Associate Professor; Head of Psychology

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    020 7815 5884
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    Applied Sciences / Psychology

Dr James Smith-Spark is an Associate Professor and Head of the Division of Psychology, School of Applied Sciences. He specialises in adult cognition, with a particular interest in adults with developmental dyslexia. Prior to working at LSBU, he held research posts at the University of Manchester, University of Kent at Canterbury, and Cancer Research UK. He has a BA (First Class Honours) Psychology and PhD Psychology from the University of Sheffield.

BSc Psychology

  • Psychology of the Workplace
  • Thinking: PPF

Dr Smith-Spark is a cognitive psychologist. His research with adults with dyslexia has explored working memory, executive functions, long-term memory, and prospective memory. work has extended examined executive functioning and prospective memory in adults with dyslexia. He also has a research interest in mental time travel and has explored this ability as a predictor of eyewitness memory. He is also interested in external cognition and the way that people can offload aspects of their thinking to the environment. Research grants have seen him apply his expertise to cognition in industrial settings and also to the effects of alcohol on prospective memory.

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  • Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society
  • Senior Fellow, Advance Higher Education