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Dr Helen Turnell

Senior Lecturer

  • Telephone:
    020 7815 7122
  • School/Division:
    Engineering / Chemical and Energy Engineering

Helen joined LSBU in 2012 following c. 30 years in Industry, mainly BP, where her career evolved from geophysical research and technological applications for acreage/prospect evaluation, to licence management and a series of global project management/QA roles.

A geophysicist by background, she is focussed on applying technical skills required to study the Earth to a range of de-carbonisation disciplines.

There are regional-scale opportunities for energy storage and supply within the Earth’s subsurface which align well with the UK’s need to decarbonise heat and improve energy security. Helen is currently engaged in developing novel sources of geothermal fluid.

Dr Turnell provides input for the Level 6/7 Group projects and Dissertation modules & advises on subsurface methods (geoscience & Fieldtrips) across the School.

Earth Resources Level 6/7 (Module Coordinator)

Reservoir Characterisation Level 6/7 (Module Coordinator)

formerly Petroleum Geoscience Level 5/6/7

Dr Turnell's current research interests include geoscience applications relevant to de-carbonisation. She has recently joined the LSBU GreenSCIES project where her focus is developing additional geographic centres, specifically reviewing the potential for heat from mine-water.

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In addition, she is collaborating with colleagues at Durham University on considering water flowing through deeply buried karst.

On return to Academia from Industry, Helen collaborated on a paper detailing the operational history of the Hutton Field (North Sea) as part of a review volume on the recent North Sea activity edited by Professor Jon Gluyas of Durham University. (Geol Soc Memoir)

Dr Turnell produced several publications on paleomagnetism and plate tectonics (1980s/90s). Basin development/modelling formed her early academic and BP research career.

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Dr Turnell is keen to promote STEM subjects in schools and participates in the LSBU SoE schools links activities.

Helen has previously been a STEM volunteer delivering talks to Schools promoting Earth Sciences.

Until recently, Dr Turnell was involved with a number of external courses, e.g.  'Introduction to oil and gas exploration' on OilVoice. And the Imperial Barrel Award, American Association of Petroleum Geologists.