Dr Héctor Ulises Levatti López

Héctor Levatti

Lecturer in Structural Analysis, Design and Geotechnics/Fluids

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    020 7815 8989
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    Built Environment and Architecture / Civil and Building Services Engineering

Dr Héctor Ulises Levatti is currently a Lecturer in Structural Analysis, Design and Geotechnics at London South Bank University. He has worked at the School of the Built Environment and Architecture since February 2017.

Héctor received his degree in Construction Engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (UNNE), in Argentina, in 1999; his Master of Science in Numerical Methods from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in Spain, in 2010; and his PhD in Geotechnical Engineering from UPC, in Spain, in 2015. He has recognised his degree in Construction Engineering from Argentina in Spain with the Technical Civil Engineering degree from 2005. He is a Civil Engineer in Spain after obtaining the degree in Civil Engineering from UPC in 2013. Héctor has recognised his qualifications by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). He is working towards his chartered status in the UK and is a graduate member of ICE.

Héctor has worked in Argentina in a self-employment initiative, first in the 90s, doing architectural and structural design for buildings, as well as in Education at the UNNE, Faculty of Engineering (1999-2001) teaching structures, and later in the private sector (2000-2003) in Education and in the Construction Industry doing Structural Analysis.

After moving to Europe in 2004, he was working in research and teaching, mainly, in Geotechnical Engineering and Strength of Materials respectively, in the UPC, Spain (2004-2012). From 2012 until 2016, he was working as a project officer in the project ASTUTE (Advance Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies) and ASTUTE 2020 at Swansea University doing Structural Analysis and Optimisation.

While he has been involved in a number of multidisciplinary research projects in his career, his research interests lie mainly in the areas of Geotechnical Engineering, Numerical Methods, Structural Analysis and Design, Structural Optimisation and Manufacturing Technologies.

Dr Héctor U. Levatti has experience teaching in three countries: Argentina, Spain and the UK. In parallel with his university degree studies in the 90s, he has been tutoring secondary school students and working on architectural design, in a self-employment initiative, for supporting his studies.

Héctor first experience teaching at university level was at Universidad Nacional del Nordeste in Argentina, just after finishing his Construction Engineering Degree (1999-2001). He acquired experience supporting university students, collaborating voluntarily with the team in the Department of Applied Mechanics. At the same time (2000-2003), he has been working in an I.T. Institute, teaching AutoCAD, Office, Networks and design Software to students of all ages and with different needs and profiles. At this Institute, he used two different systems: personalised person to person teaching and a self-learning system with teacher support.

Héctor has also been teaching Elasticity and Strength of Materials at UPC in Terrassa, Spain, during two semesters in 2011. He has designed his own lecturers and he has collaborated with the design of exams and marking process.

Héctor has been a lecturer at London South Bank University since early 2017. He is working in the Civil and Building Services Division at the School of The Built Environment and Architecture.

Dr Héctor U. Levatti works in the theoretical aspects of Hydro-mechanical problems in unsaturated soils, variable definition, constitutive laws, soil-structure interaction, soil-root interaction, formulation and framework for the study of unsaturated soil behaviour.

  • Implication of working with different stress state variables (unified, separated, etc.)
  • Implication of working with different constitutive models (Elastic, elastic-plastic, failure, etc.)
  • Theoretical framework to include soil-atmosphere, soil-tray, and soil-root interaction
  • Fracture Mechanics applied to unsaturated soils

From the numerical point of view, he is interested in numerical schemes for solving nonlinearity and instability, cracking and contact algorithms, soil-structure interaction, and soil-environment interaction phenomena.

  • Modelling soil-atmosphere interaction, soil-structure, and soil-root interaction
  • Developing an in-house hydro-mechanical model including cracking treatment and contour condition changes simulations
  • Implementation of Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics for cracking analysis (desiccation, slopes, etc.)
  • Implementation of re-meshing technique or XFEM methods for the analysis of cracks
  • Analysis of different numerical codes used for analysing crack desiccation and shallow landslides phenomena

From the experimental point of view, he is interested in variables behaviour, calibration, techniques development and improvement.

  • Improve the measurement of suction during tests (suction profile determination)
  • Design of tests in order to calibrate the materials (soils and roots, etc.)
  • Study of state surfaces for desiccation, wetting, and inundation in order to obtain parameters
  • Design a new test program where the visualisation of the cracks is more clear and easier to control (transparent containers, especial shapes, GPR, X-Rays, high-speed video cameras, etc.)
  • Characterise the adherence between container and soil and study the influence of the contour conditions in the crack pattern

Dr Héctor U. Levatti is currently a graduate member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

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