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Dr Clive Steele

Dr Clive Steele

Associate Professor; Course Director for BSc Forensic Science

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    020 7815 7989
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    Applied Sciences / Human Sciences

Clive has been teaching at London South Bank University for over 35 years and is Course Director for BSc Forensic Science. He is the module leader for 4 courses: Scientific Skills, Fundamentals of Measurement and Instrumentation, Incident Investigation, and Explosion, Fire and Firearms. Clive’s research interests include measurement science as well as chemical and instrumental techniques for materials analysis and chemical reactions, with a special emphasis on calorimetric techniques using reaction and oxygen balance calorimetry.

His subjects include Core Skills for Forensic Science, Measurement Science, Research Methods, Research Project, Chemical and Instrumental methods of analysis, Incident Investigation, Explosion and Fire and Accident Investigation. He is module leader for Environmental and Safety Management which is taught on the final year of the BEng degree in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.

He has been course planning chairmen for a number of degree courses including Fire Engineering and Forensic Science. His other interests include measurement science and chemical and instrumental techniques for materials analysis and chemical reactions with a special emphasis on calorimetric techniques using reaction calorimetry and oxygen balance calorimetry.

In the past he has taught a range of subjects on both chemical and Fire Engineering courses ranging from, fire protection and fire dynamics to industry and environment, chemical and power thermodynamics and safety and control.

He has also collaborated with a range of organisations including the Fire Service College and has been an external examiner and external advisor to a number of universities.

Clive teaches a number of subjects at different levels on the Forensic Science course. Incident Investigation, Chemical and Instrumental methods of analysis, final year research project, research methods materials science and core skills for forensic science.

He also teaches on the Chemical and Petroleum engineering courses, his specialist area is Safety and Environmental management although he has taught reactor engineering, chemical thermodynamics, power thermodynamics, safety and control and Industry and Environment in the past. Additionally, Fire Engineering including fire dynamics, fire protection and electrical safety.

He has taught a diverse range of students including fire officers, police officers, MOD, and building control. He has been both a director of studies on PhD programmes (4) and a second supervisor (12). His main area of contribution is in the area of practical instrumentation and data acquisition and analysis.

Clive's main areas of research are:

  • Chemical reaction hazards
  • Fire and explosion
  • Measurement science and imbedded microprocessor control
  • Incident Investigation
  • Scanning Electron microscopy
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Clive is a member of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

  • External advisor to Fire Testing Technology, Thermal Hazard Technology
  • Fire courses at various Universities based in the UK