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Dr Ana Vilenica, Marie Curie Research Fellow and LSBU

Dr Ana Vilenica

Marie Curie Research Fellow

  • Telephone:
    020 7815 5823
  • School/Division:
    Arts and Creative Industries / Arts and Performance

Dr Vilenica is urban and cultural researcher and art theoretician. She is currently a post-doctoral Marie Curie Research Fellow at School of Arts and Creative Industries, LSBU where she has been working on a project tackling issues around role of art in so called housing crises based on case studies in London and in Belgrade.

She holds a PhD from the University of Arts in Belgrade and defended her theses in Theory of Art and Media with a title “Theory and practice of activism in art in second half of XX century”.

Dr Vilenica spent two years working at Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (2012-2014), where she did a research on role of art and culture in urban regeneration in Serbia and implications of regeneration art on neo-colonial modernisation of so called periphery of Europe.

Dr Vilenica contributes regularly to journals, books and online portals. She edited the book Becoming a Mother in Neoliberal capitalism (uz)bu))na))), Belgrade, 2013, second edition 2016) and co-edited the book On the Ruins of Creative City (, Novi Sad, 2013). She is currently a post-doctoral Marie Curie research fellow at School of Arts and creative industries, LSBU where she has been working on a project tackling issues around role of art in housing crises/regeneration in London and in Belgrade.

Dr Vilenica is experienced lecturer. She has delivered guest lectures at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of political science in Belgrade, and the Institute for social science in Belgrade (Queer Studies).

She has planned and led public seminars and she has been delivering public lectures and talks on art, motherhood, feminism, housing and urban and social struggles world-wide.

Among her research interests are the role of art in so called housing crises, cultural and political action against dominant housing regimes and other urban and regeneration schemes, potentials for organising with-in and against neoliberal movement from above, new mutations in functioning of contemporary art world as well as potentials for organising within new art world networks, on their margins and outside of them.

Currently she is developing new theoretical and methodological approach for studding relationship between art and housing in (post-)crises Europe. Her approach is based on mixed-method network analyses, with special interest in points of tension within and between networks. The aim is to identify the structural antagonism in networks, focusing on artists and describing them from the perspective of critical urban theory, feminist theory and theories of neoliberal urban governmentality from the state down to the personal level. She is as well interested in the processes of subjectivation associated with neoliberal governmentalities at regeneration sites, seen against the broader context of policing of property rights. She is looking closely at art property guardian scheme and its effects on art production and everyday life of artists.

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Dr Vilenica initiated, realised and collaborated at numerus cultural projects focusing on important socio-political, cultural and economic problems like: issues of contemporary migrations, issues of historical revisionism in Serbia, issues related to feminist politics and contemporary motherhood, as well as so called housing issue and issues related to art history and contemporary art.