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Alex Mifsud

Dr Alex Mifsud


  • School/Division:
    Law and Social Sciences / Social Sciences

Dr Mifsud is a tutor in the Division of Social Sciences within the School of Law and Social Sciences. She specialises in Environmental Education (EE) and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) with interests in employee engagement and training through the application of thinking skills.

As a founding member of the Centre for Environmental Education and Research (CEER), at the University of Malta, Dr. Mifsud developed courses and training programmes on EE and ESD to a wide range of audiences. She has recently completed her doctoral qualifications at LSBU and has authored two book chapters on her PhD. research.

Dr. Mifsud is also a member of the Working Group on the Sustainable Development Goals within the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme.

Dr. Mifsud specialises in the application of thinking skills to the principles of education for sustainable development and environmental education as part of the participatory approach in the attainment of engagement and empowerment.

Dr. Mifsud has carried out research that focuses on infusing thinking skills into employee training programmes on sustainable development to create behavioural change and empower individuals to take ownership of their decisions, choices, actions and behaviours.  The research enabled her to improve her role as a change agent and ESD practitioner whilst assisting organisations to work towards their sustainable development goals.

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