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Darren James

Head of Construction, Property & Surveying

  • Email:
  • Telephone:
    020 7815 7226
  • School/Division:
    Built Environment and Architecture / Construction, Property and Surveying

Darren's specialist areas include:

  • Construction
  • Surveying
  • Environmental issues in construction and surveying
  • Educational paths into the built environment sector

He is a Senior Lecturer, teaching across the following courses:

  • BSc in Construction Management, HNC Construction
  • BSc Architectural Technology, BSc Surveying
  • BSc Commercial Management (Quantity Surveying)
  • BSc Property Management (Building Surveying) Built Environment Extended Degree

He also teaches on a number of postgraduate courses within the Built Environment Department.

Darren has been teaching at LSBU for 18 years so is well placed to comment on the value of a university education for careers in the construction and surveying sectors.

Before joining London South Bank University, he worked as an Electronic Engineer. He then began work at London South Bank University as a Hydraulics Technician, and then a Materials Testing Technician before becoming a Senior Lecturer and Course Director.

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