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Dr Abas Hadawey

Course Director for MSc Mechanical Engineering

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    020 7815 7537
  • School/Division:
    Engineering / Mechanical Engineering and Design

Dr Abas Hadawey is a senior lecturer in School of Engineering, with BSc, MSc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering. To strengthen and extend his teaching experience and to develop his research skills, Dr Hadawey completed a postgraduate programme in teaching and research (PgCHEP). Dr Hadawey is currently the course director of MSc Mechanical Engineering.

During his career, Dr Hadawey worked on a number of projects including design of standalone chilled food display cabinets for better performance and less energy consumption, tri-generation in the food industry, minimisation of emission from food retailing, application of PCM in low and medium temperature food product application for energy and CO2 emissions reduction.

In addition, Dr Hadawey is currently researching the impact of integrating technology in the teaching process. The aim of this project was to implement a technology in the teaching process, in order to create an environment that encourages students to participate in a module outside the classroom, and to improve students’ engagement or time spent on learning to achieve a better learning performance.

Dr Hadawey has over 15 years of experience in the Higher Education sector and is currently working at LSBU as a senior lecturer and course director for MSc Mechanical Engineering Course.

Teaching Activities and module leader duties over the last 10 years:

  • Thermofluids-Level 4, 5 and 7 (Master level)
  • Engineering Analysis 3 and 4 (Level 5 and 6)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamic (Master level)
  • Advanced Engineering mathematics and modelling (Level 5)
  • Statics and strength of material 1 and 2 (Level 4 and 5)
  • Dynamic Mechanical system 1 and 2 (Level 4 and 5)
  • Refrigeration (Level 6)
  • Engineering science (Engineering-Foundation)

During the period from 2001 till 2018, Dr Hadawey was involved in the following projects:

  1. Formal model based methodologies for the design of standalone chilled food display cabinets (2001-2006).
  2. Tri-generation in the Food industry (2003-2007).
  3. Low temperature absorption refrigeration systems (2004-2007).
  4. CO2 emission of retailing food products (2007-2009).
  5. Minimization of emission from food retailing (2008-2010)
  6. Integration of CO2 refrigeration and tri-generation systems for supermarket applications (2006-2010).
  7. Energy savings through liquid pressure amplification in refrigeration systems (2008-2009).
  8. Application of PCM in low and medium temperature food product application for energy and CO2 emissions reduction (2010-2012).
  9. District Heating Development and Energy awareness buy-in (2013-2016).
  10. The impact of technology integrated teaching on the students’ learning (2016-2018).
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  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy
  • Member of Institute of Refrigeration- IOR- MInstR (UK)
  • Member of the International Scientific Committee of International Conference on Thermal Engineering/Theory and Applications
  • Reviewer to the Applied Thermal Engineering Journal & International Journal of Aerodynamics (IJAD)
  • Reviewer of the Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications
  • Reviewer: Applied Energy Journal-Elsevier