Responsible procurement

LSBU selects supply chains based on sustainability and ethics considerations.

Procurement and workers' rights

Procurement practices include policies on sustainable food, uniforms and IT equipment. Find out more about sustainable procurement at LSBU.

Electronics watch

Electronics Watch logo
LSBU has joined a growing number of universities in the UK that are working to ensure the electronics they purchase are free from sweatshop labour. Affiliation to Electronics Watch enables major public sector bodies to use their market influence to drive change in their supply chains. Find out more about LSBU joining Electronics Watch.

London Living Wage

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LSBU’s Living Wage commitment (accredited by the Living Wage Foundation) ensures everyone working at LSBU, regardless of whether they are permanent employees or contracted services, receive a minimum hourly wage of £9.75 - the current London Living Wage - significantly higher than the national minimum wage of £8.45 (for people aged 25 and over). Find out more about our Living Wage commitment.

Procurement and supply chain

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At LSBU, procurement and supply chain procedures promote sustainability and equal rights. Initiatives include:

Find out more about procurement practices at LSBU.