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Tourism and animal welfare symposium

Date: 13 June 2018
Time: 13:00 - 19:00

Events Theatre, Keyworth Centre, Keyworth Street, London SE1 6NG

Organiser: Duncan Tyler
Contact details:
Price: Free for students, £20 standard (before 18 May, then £25)
Attendees at a Lecture in LSBU Events Theatre

A 21st century dilemma for veterinarians, animal welfare organisations, tourists and the tourism industry. Please join us to discuss the state of animal welfare and what the next steps will be

There is a strong link between tourism and animals, whether in zoos, marine parks, or on safari. Tourists encounter animals in many different situations: photo opportunities, street performances, animal rides and specialised ‘sanctuaries’ such as elephant homes and tiger temples. Tourism may benefit wildlife, by funding wildlife animal conservation, as well as providing vital income for local communities, but the exploitation of animals in animal entertainment can be a cruel and degrading experience for intelligent sentient creatures.

Veterinarians, committed to working for the health and welfare of animals, need to know about the issues surrounding tourism and welfare, and the science and the evidence concerning these welfare issues. It is also essential to understand the culture and relationships between animals and their keepers in the destinations. Meanwhile, in the tourist industry, animal welfare issues can have a strong influence on a person’s choice of holiday, a fact that is appreciated by animal welfare NGOs.

This symposium brings together experts from both the tourism and veterinary worlds to examine the science, economics and welfare issues involved in the use of animals in tourism, and to discuss how animal welfare in tourist settings can be improved. It comprises presentations from recognised experts and a panel discussion chaired by Maria Diez-Leon from the Royal Veterinary College. It will be followed by a networking reception, where you can meet the speakers and discuss the issues.


  • Don Broom, University of Cambridge
  • Neil Carr, University of Otago
  • Glen Cousquer, University of Edinburgh
  • Clare Jenkins, Association of British Travel Agents
  • Tom Moorhouse, University of Oxford
  • Stuart Patterson, Royal Veterinary College
  • Daniel Turner, Animondial
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