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Teaching EU law after Brexit and after Changes to Legal Training

Date: 22 November 2017
Time: 12:00 - 17:00

LSBU Southwark Campus - Keyworth Centre: K207

Organiser: John Koo
Contact details: 020 7815 5722,
Price: Free
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The zeitgeist of change and the attendant uncertainty is both the context and the reason for this conference which will consider the place of EU law on the law curriculum

London South Bank University Law Division will be hosting a conference on the impact on the teaching of EU law as a result of Brexit and changes to professional training for Solicitors and the Bar.

Representatives from universities, the BSB and the legal profession will be speaking, and there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and sharing of ideas. The conference proposes to look at impacts on both the LLB and the CPE/GDL.

What to expect on the day:

Presentations and discussion structured around three parts:

  1. contexts including presentation from BSB on future of Joint Statement
  2. representatives of City and high street solicitors’ firms expectations of future trainees’ needs for education in EU law and related fields
  3. possible and likely futures of EU law in law degrees and the GDL.

Plus, space for discussion and sharing of ideas, lunch and refreshments.

Conference organisers:
Cherry James:
John Koo:

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