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'ResearchToday!' Changing the Rules: A two round election study

Date: 15 November 2018
Time: 12:00 - 13:00

LSBU Southwark Campus - 100-116 London Road, SE1 6LN

Organiser: Professor Karin Moser, Director of Research in the School of Business
Contact details:
Price: Free
Attendees at a Lecture in LSBU Events Theatre

‘ResearchToday!’ is a series that shows the research in the Business School, and is a forum to foster the collaboration and exchange among colleagues

This week's seminar presentation will be given by Mark Winter, Lecturer in the School of Business. To give you a taste of the session, a brief abstract can be found below:

Of interest in this paper is the two-round system and how it effects the divided majority. A group who make up a majority consensus about a given policy but not party. The standard single round presidential system is bad for this divided majority. This co-ordination problem is solved by the 2 round election. Consider Macron’s 66% victory over Le Pen. The majority accepted le Pen to be the wrong choice for France yet with a plurality election this is not sufficient to stop her winning. The two round stops the minority candidate with certainty.

So why all the worry? The fear of Marine Le Pen – will the next political earthquake happen in France’ (The Guardian). Why does the theory not match the headlines. We suggest a reason is uncertainty.  Specifically being unsure about who is going to vote in the 2nd round. A safe Majority in round 1 might not hold.

At What Cost: So far the French system has stop the extreme minority and done so more successfully than the US, the UK and other Plurality systems. This comes at a cost, once you have a second round you seem to use it and elections are expensive.

Interested guests are always welcome, from within or outside of the University! No registration is needed if you are internal, please just join us.

If you are external to the University, please just send us an email to let us know you will be joining us, and we will inform our reception desk to expect you.

Contact and further information: Serina Fuller, Research Manager for the School of Business, email:

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