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Little Eden

Date: 6 October 2017
Time: 21:00 - 22:00

Camden People's Theatre

Organiser: Neon Peach
Contact details:
Price: £8 (work in progress)

A group of recent Drama and Performance graduates take their theatre company Neon Peach's B-Movie inspired final year performance Little Eden to Camden People's Theatre

Welcome to Little Eden, a small town in the South of England. As well as church fetes, bake sales and picnics, the citizens of this small rural settlement enjoy nothing more than sacrificing blood to their Reptilian leaders.

Meet Jim. Jim has a useful job: he works for the symbol identification unit. After taking over the world, the Reptilian overlords assigned symbols to everything on earth. Clarity and order is key when it comes to distracting people from the true horrific nature of the universe. But things start to go wrong for Jim when he stumbles across a symbol he cannot define…

Little Eden, inspired by 1950’s sci-fi B-movies, brings the genre’s pseudo-scientific optic to a world of underlying fear and paranoia. It sets up a cast of recognisable characters who are all trapped by a sense of immanent terror for a truly apocalyptic future.

  • Performers: Ross Fletcher, Sophia Miller de Vega, Liam Farmer, Molly Edwards.
  • Producer: Jon Lee
  • Administrative Producer: Maizy Wright
  • Founders: Liam Farmer, Ross Fletcher, Molly Edward

A big thank you to Natasha Thomas, Ed Richards and London South Bank University

About the company

Neon Peach, a South London-based theatre company, met while studying Drama and Performance at London Southbank University. We aim to create work that explores and challenges social and political structures through dark, comic narratives.

Image credit: Jon Lee.

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