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What law firms and clients look for in trainee and junior lawyers

Date: 6 March 2018
Time: 13:00 - 14:00

K313, Keyworth Centre, Keyworth  Street, SE1 6NG

Organiser: Sara Chandler
Contact details: 020 7815 5788,
Price: Free
Law firm event with Sara Chandler

On March 6th, LSBU law students will be receiving expert preparation from Craig Sharpe of Darlingtons’ Solicitors, a firm  committed to ensuring access to the legal profession

Craig Sharpe has had a career spanning 25 years working in law, partly as a lawyer and now a marketing specialist at Darlingtons Solicitors. This background gives Craig an unusual insight into the radical changes in legal practice and the challenges and pressures law firms face. The talk will be full of real world examples, anecdotes and humour – students will gain valuable and actionable insights.

  1. What’s changed? Almost everything.
  2. Profession or service? Both, but where’s the balance?
  3. Clients have changed – a lot.
  4. Technology and law
  5. 70% of students won’t end up working at magic circle law firms
  6. Marketing is now essential for all lawyers and law firms.
  7. The funnel
  8. Egos, actors and legal personas.
  9. The Importance of adaptability and team skills.
  10. Practical takeaways.

Professor Sara Chandler of LSBU Law Division says “This session will better prepare students for a legal career and may help students decide whether they want to be a lawyer and what type of firm or area of law they may want to work in”.

Please contact for further information to book a place.

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