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Employee behaviour and the role of culture: the case of Thai Airways

Date: 25 May 2017
Time: 12:00 - 13:00

LSBU Southwark Campus - London Road, room 391

Organiser: Karin Moser
Contact details: 020 7815 7701,
Price: Free
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What are the national societal factors in the Thai national culture and how do they affect the airline sector there? May's research looks to investigate culture, gender and individual differences

This talk on employee behaviour and the role of culture: the case of Thai Airways, will present the findings of research carried out by May Tungtakanpuong, lecturer at the School of Business, and will be moderated by Yan Sun.

The research investigates national societal factors in the Thai national culture, and how they affect the airline sector in Thailand. The study implemented a broad perspective in terms of culture, gender and the individual in different areas of theory and practice, to understand better the organisational process connected with the individual as a part of a national culture.

The study contributes to the awareness of the relationship between Thai characteristics and the universal human characteristics inherent in Buddhist philosophy. Universal human characteristics such as kindness, compassion, sympathy, joy and serenity can obviously be practised by either gender. The outcome of the analysis shows that the practical implementation of universal human characteristics creates positive results in cross-cultural management. It revealed in particular that the implementation of Asian philosophy and Buddhism in company policy appeared to generate a positive response from passengers and a good reaction from employees.

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The new season of “research today!” seminars is now open

Season two of our “research today!” seminars opens this week. If you haven’t been to one before, these are short presentations of emerging or new research in the School of Business, followed by an informal discussion. They last an hour, they are happening every week from now until the end of term, and this season is bigger and better than ever with some exciting guests.

Who can attend?  Anyone interested can attend. Please email Karin Moser on to register.

Who can present? Researchers and doctoral students from the Business School and associated guests, visitors and collaborators. This is a research forum to exchange ideas, get to know each other's research and foster collaboration in a collegial and friendly environment. The Season Two programme is full, but you can still book a spot for Season Three this autumn. Contact Karin Moser on

What’s in it for me if I come along? How long do you have? Find out about Vigotsky’s zone of proximal development, irrational fractional Brownian Motion, the effects of employee silence, shopping for fashion and fast food, or trust in social media, to name only a few. See new ways of presenting persuasively. Meet new colleagues. Discover things you have in common. Test new ideas and bring your best arguments. It could even lead to new research collaborations.

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