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Face-to-face enrolment

Once your face-to-face enrolment is complete, you will receive your LSBU ID card

During your face-to-face enrolment your right to study (PDF File 1,280 KB) in the UK, Student Status Assessment, qualifications and identity will be checked, you will pay your tuition fees or the arrangements for payment will be checked and any student loans will be released to you (if applicable). You must meet your conditions of enrolment to officially become an LSBU student.

You will be given a time slot for enrolment. You must attend your appointment in person on our Southwark campus. You cannot send someone else in your place. Once the process is complete, you will receive your ID card. 

On average it takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete your face-to-face enrolment.

At your enrolment you will need to bring the following documents. If you don’t have these with you we can’t enrol you.

  • Proof of all of your existing qualifications. For example, original A-Level certificates or original Degree certificate. If the originals are not in English you must provide an official, certified translation. If you do not have the original documents, you must bring along certified replacements. For example, if you need replacement qualification certificates then visit the website.
  • Two original forms of ID, one of which must be your passport. The second proof of ID can be any of the following: 
    • A birth certificate
    • Driving licence (provisional or full)
    • EU national ID card
    • Exceptionally we will accept a utility bill or bank statement (provided the address on the bill/statement matches the permanent address on your applicant record)
  • Details of how you will pay your fees (see below).

In some cases, we may need to see some additional documentation, for example a marriage or civil partnership certificate or parent(s) EU birth certificate or passport.

International students

International students must also provide (as well as the above, if applicable):

  • Your letter from the University and your applicant number
  • If you have been granted or have applied for a Tier 4 student visa you will need to bring:
    • your passport containing your 30-day Entry Clearance vignette (if applicable) and your Biometric Residence Permit, or
    • proof that you have submitted a Tier 4 application using a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) issued by LSBU. If you have posted your original documents to the UK Home Office you will need to provide copies that have been authorised and stamped by a member of the International Office at LSBU.
  • If you do not require a Tier 4 visa to study at LSBU you will need to provide evidence of your immigration status in the UK. Your immigration status must give you the right to study.

You may need other documents such as an Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance certificate (if applicable), sponsor letter or financial notification of payment (if applicable) or other documents relating to residency.

For further guidance see our information on Right to Study Checks (PDF File 1,280 KB).


Apprentices must also provide (as well as the above, if applicable):

  • your employment contract
  • proof of your National Insurance
  • proof of your visa status (if required)

If you are made redundant or need to leave your current employer for any reason, please contact the Apprenticeship Team. There is a 12-week period where we can transfer your apprenticeship to a new employer (if they are willing to support your study). You cannot continue your apprenticeship without a job or self-funded, however we can explore your options with you.

Paying fees

Different payment dates and arrangements apply depending on which type of student you are. For full details of the deadline for fee payment and any supporting documentation you may be required to provide, you can download our Tuition Fee Regulations (PDF File 129 KB) or find comprehensive payment details for the following students:

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