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Online Pre-enrolment

After completing online pre-enrolment you can access your personal course timetable

One of the tasks included in the online pre-enrolment process is to activate your LSBU username and password. You will then be able to access MyLSBU where you can see your personal course timetable.

Detailed instructions about online pre-enrolment, including the web address and a username and password, will be sent by email a few weeks before you start your course. Please check your email spam folders for any LSBU mail from just in case.

The online system consists of six quick tasks and usually takes between 10 and 20 minutes. If you have a disability and require support during any part of the enrolment process (online and/or face-to-face enrolment), please contact the University’s Disability Team on 020 7815 6454 or email

The online pre-enrolment's six tasks need to be completed in the right order and our online system will lead you through each step.

This video will show you how each step listed below is completed:


  1. Updating your personal details and confirming your course
  2. Providing additional information including your highest qualification
  3. Checking your payment and funding options
  4. Getting your face-to-face enrolment appointment for your first day on campus – the system will give you a personal date and time
  5. Activating your LSBU IT account. This will give you your LSBU email address and your username to access the student portal, MyLSBU. On MyLSBU you can see your personal course timetable and access a range of services, including the Virtual Learning Environment and the online library services.
    Please see the following guides:  
    Create your LSBU IT account (setting up or resetting your password) (PDF File 971 KB)
    Set up your LSBU email on your mobile (PDF File 258 KB)
    Guide to MyLSBU (PDF File 447 KB)
    Course timetable guide (PDF File 430 KB)
  6. Uploading a passport style photograph (JPEG) for your LSBU ID card

If you require assistance with online pre-enrolment please contact

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