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Theodora Anah, Law LLB (Hons)

Theodora Anah

After raising a family Theodora decided to return to university to begin studying the Law LLB (Hons) course at London South Bank University

LSBU is Theodora's local university – and her daughter attends too, so it made perfect sense for her to enrol here. She studied Economics the first time she went to university, over 20 years ago. "I always wanted to study Law," she says. "It felt like a natural progression from Economics but I never got the chance before." Theodora is studying the LLB (Hons) Law, and is enjoying the opportunities offered to her as part of the course.

Legal Advice Clinic         

LSBU runs a Legal Advice Clinic where members of the public can drop in to receive legal advice from students, under the supervision of qualified solicitors. This provides students with valuable professional experience. "The experience was very rewarding as it allowed me to assist local residents with various issues which included housing, employment, divorce and intestacy," she explains. "Those issues beyond our competency were either signposted or referred to the specialists who could help. The experience allowed me to gain knowledge as to how to use the databases to make further enquiries on issues that the clients had instructed us on before giving them feedback."

Working in the Law

Employability is embedded into the Law courses at LSBU through the 'Working in the Law' module, which provides students with an opportunity to develop transferable and practical skills in the context of career development. Theodora says; "The module was intense but very useful as it's largely practical-based, giving opportunities to have much-needed law related work placement experiences." Theodora gained work experience with Southwark Legal Services. "I was able to experience and sometimes put to practice some of the theoretical knowledge of the module. The placement experiences also helped me to determine which area of the law I'm most interested in."

Making the iPads available to us is one of the best things about the Law Department. It enables us to access materials readily and be in touch with everything.

Theodora Anah

The Student Law Society

Theodora was Treasurer of the Student Law Society in her second year – an experience she describes as 'useful and valuable.' "We had to manage a diverse group of people with different needs and ideas so that we can all come together as one voice to promote the cause of the society," says Theodora.

She was also a regular attendee at the guest lecture events, which are organised by the Law Society and sometimes the Law Department itself. These are an invaluable resource for students, especially when issues relating to modules are being discussed.

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