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Radio Studio and Control Room

Radio Studio, Elephant Studios at LSBU

The Radio Studio and Control Room, based at Elephant Studios at LSBU, has sophisticated sound equipment to replicate a real-life broadcaster

Our Radio Studio is built for four people, each with their own Cardiod condenser microphone feeding into a Radio control room with a set of mixer decks for five channels of audio playback, live broadcasting tools and on-air indicators.

The Radio Studio is part of Elephant Studios at LSBU – a multi-million pound integrated multidisciplinary studio complex at forefront of digital technologies and multimedia creative practice.

Equipment and software

Radio Studio

  • 4-person talk tables
  • Cardiod condenser microphones with shockmounts
  • Headphone amplifier for presenter
  • Guest remote controls
  • Live mic cue indicators
  • Talkback buttons and headphone volume control
  • Pair of bi-ampflied active monitor loudspeakers

Control Room

  • Set of mixer desks with five channels of audio playback
  • 22" touchscreen with Synergy Professional software suite for system administration for production, scheduling, live assist broadcasting tool and automated broadcasting tool
  • Clyde Lumion Mic with live/on air indicators.

Virtual tour

Student work

See our student projects for examples of how students have used the facilities of Elephant Studios at LSBU to their advantage.

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