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Newsroom, Elephant Studios at LSBU

The Newsroom, based at Elephant Studios at LSBU, houses an array of facilities ideal for multimedia journalism: the perfect home for Journalism.London

Our dedicated Newsroom is fitted with 42" displays, an audio mixer, 8 line inputs and 80 channel mix. All equipment is honed for top quality journalistic production. Everything is for student use, and the Newsroom is the home of student journalist portal Journalism.London.

The Newsroom is part of Elephant Studios at LSBU – a multi-million pound integrated multidisciplinary studio complex at forefront of digital technologies and multimedia creative practice.


  • 42" screen displays
  • Soundcraft Performer SI 1 audio mixer featuring 16 mono mic inputs, 8 line inputs and 80 channel mix
  • Buri News Synergy Workstation
  • 15" Macbook laptops for the journalist newsroom

Virtual tour

Student work

See our student projects for examples of how students have used the facilities of Elephant Studios at LSBU to their advantage.

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