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Grading Suites

Mac screen at Elephant Studios at LSBU

The Grading Suites, housed at our media complex Elephant Studios at LSBU, have neutral wall colours and lighting to optimise conditions for the colourist

Our Grading Suites have neutral wall colours and lighting to provide optimal conditions for the colourist.  The premium suite (Grading Suite 1) includes a Dolby calibrated screen to ensure ideal conditions.

All Grading Suites are networked with an ultra fast 10Gb/s network, making it possible to edit and grade whilst sharing production files at blistering speeds.

The Grading Suites are part of Elephant Studios at LSBU – a multi-million pound integrated multidisciplinary studio complex at forefront of digital technologies and multimedia creative practice.


The Grading Suites house Mac Pro Ultrastudio 4K with capture and playback solutions over Thunderbolt and Dolby grading monitor with resolution 1920 x 1080, display frame rates at 1080P at 24, 25, 20, 48, 50 and 60P.

Floor plan

Floor plan 

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For hire contact information

For more information about hiring Elephant Studios at LSBU, including availability and pricing, please contact Peter Hadfield. Email or phone 020 7815 6918.

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