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Marc Anthony Abalos

The Designer

BSc Engineering Product Design

Marc considers himself to be a forward planner and logic-minded, committed to tailor a professional career in the design industry and eventually manage the design process through to all its stages. He believes that a good design comes from paying attention to the smallest details, where possible issues are thought of and solved without the end user having to notice them.


Major Project

LoopSync is a compact and portable hearing loop device to assist hearing aid users in noisy environments. The technology is based on the induction loop system, where the telecoil enabled in hearing aids are used to transmit sound signals.

The LoopSync microphone captures speech within a short distance, which is converted into varying electrical signals due to the nature of the sound waveform. The coil of the device then generates a fluctuating electromagnetic field that induces current into the telecoil of the hearing aid, allowing the aid to reproduce the sound. The device only captures sound from a short distance, thus reducing background noise for the user to hear clear conversations in crowded situations.


Secondary Project

Aim93 is a Human Powered Vehicle university project. Their goal is to design and build a recumbent bicycle that can break the world speed record in the Battle Mountain HPV Speed Challenge. Marc was apart of the transmission team where he was responsible for optimising the steering system and the power transmission of the rider. Some of the key design aspects being considered are steering sensitivity, stiffness of the transmission assembly and spacing inside the shell.


Prototyping, drawing, CAD representation and accuracy on visualising processes and end prototypes.



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