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Danish Javed


The Designer

BSc Engineering Product Design

Danish has always been passionate about identifying problems and creating the most efficient solution. He likes to face problems using the advanced technology we have access to in this day in age. Computer-Aided-Design and Computer-Aided-Manufacture are areas he loves to explore new designs with. To go through different experiences has been a huge part of the designer he is today and what his intentions are in the next five years.


Major Project

Design is incorporated in our day-to-day life and work. Even in occupations which may not seem to incorporate design as a whole may incorporate it in its creation. One such occupation is the confectionery industry.

While working with Confectionists and chocolatiers, many designs were being drawn, but not created due to the high cost of food grade moulds. Chocamaker is an all-in-one tempering chocolate 3D printing machine which allows the chocolatiers to create as many designs as they wish from tempered chocolate with food grade specifications.


Secondary Project

Designing the fastest bicycle in the world with the aim of reaching 93mph at battle mountain in Nevada. Danish is leading the team in 'wheel and brakes' including the aerodynamics of the components as well as easing interchangeability while at the event. He is specifically working on production of the bike hubs using turning and milling machinery.


Design for Manufacture, CAD and CAM



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