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Careers and employability

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We give you the knowledge and skills you need

Our courses propel you towards success in any size of business, or as an entrepreneur and innovator.

Our students leave with the ability to thrive in a competitive and demanding business environment. We provide a rich and varied industry-driven learning experience that gives you an understanding of business in both local and international contexts. A degree from LSBU gives you a competitive advantage sought after by employers, and a wide variety of careers will be available to you. Search our Story Finder to see what our business alumni have already achieved in their varied careers.

A degree from us will build your analytical, critical thinking and problem solving capabilities; help you tackle communication, team work and decision-making; and make you self-reliant, innovative and able to manage your time, projects and resources. These skills, plus your ability to handle qualitative and quantitative research to interpret and use business data, are key skills employers look for in their graduate employees.

All of our individual course entries have specialist careers information. Search our courses.


Practical and professional

Our graduates go on to have a positive impact in their chosen business career. We provide real world experiences through various consultancy projects, work placements, business games and simulations, and live briefs within our courses.

We offer excellent opportunities for students and staff alike to engage with employers through our business networks, partnerships with international universities, volunteering opportunities, research projects and social enterprises. Our courses include this rich experience, with an effective infusion of academic theory with practice that enables our students to make a positive impact in the workplace, during their studies and after they graduate.

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