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Beverley Mullings

Dr Beverley Mullings is Associate Professor of Geography (cross-appointed with Gender Studies) and Queen’s National Scholar at Queen’s University, Canada. Her research is located within the field of feminist political economy and engages broad questions of social transformation, neoliberalism and the politics of gender, race and class in the Caribbean and its diaspora.

She is interested in understanding how neoliberal rationalities across the global South are changing local geometries of power. She has an ongoing interest in exploring how landscapes of labour and work in the Caribbean are being restructured in response to external shifts and shocks in the global economy, as well as, by the everyday struggles and negotiations enacted by people in their bid to socially reproduce themselves. At the moment Beverley has two major interests - the first is in the growing importance of the middle-class as a space of renewed economic growth within policy circles, the second is in the capacity of diasporic dialogue to disrupt the hegemony of neoliberal rationalities.

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