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Andrea Davis

Andrea Davis

Dr Andrea Davis is Chair of the Department of Humanities at York University in Toronto, Canada, and holds cross-appointments in the graduate programmes in English; Interdisciplinary Studies; and Gender, Feminist and Women’s Studies.

She teaches courses in literatures and cultures of the Americas and has published widely on black women’s fictional writing and constructions of gender and sexuality.

Her research is particularly interested in the intersections of the literatures of the Caribbean, the United States and Canada, and her work encourages an intertextual cross-cultural dialogue about black women's experiences in diaspora.

She co-edited with Carl James the anthology, Jamaica in the Canadian Experience: A Multiculturalizing Presence (2012), which charts the political, economic, historical and cultural connections between Canada and Jamaica. She is currently working on a comparative study that theorises the complex ways in which Caribbean and African women writers in Canada contest and push the boundaries of patriarchal and imperial definitions of the nation.

Panel discussion of the book Jamaica in the Canadian Experience (2012) organised by the International Development Research Centre in Ottawa, Canada.:

Online Publications

“Black Canadian Literature as Diaspora Transgression: The Second Life of Samuel Tyne.” TOPIA: Canadian Journal of Cultural Studies, Diasporic Pasts and Futures: Transnational Cultural Studies in Canada, ed. Jenny Burman, 17 (spring 2007) 31-49.

“Diaspora, Citizenship and Gender: Challenging the Myth of the Nation in African Canadian Women’s Literature.” Canadian Woman Studies 23:2 (2004) 64-69.

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