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Elephant Studios at LSBU

Photography Studio, Elephant Studios at LSBU

Explore technical specs and 360 tours for each studio

A range of multidisciplinary facilities designed to equip you with the necessary practical skills and experience for your future creative career.

Facilities at the forefront of digital technologies

  • Film Studio

    Film Studio

    The Film Studio is a double-height room with a lighting grid, DMX lighting control, green screen backdrop, air conditioning, green room (for make-up and wardrobe) and sound isolation for use as a soundstage.

  • Photography Studio

    Photography Studio

    The Photography Studio is a double-height space with a photography lighting grid, air conditioning, green room (for make-up and wardrobe) and two colourama separate systems with a range of backdrop options (including vinyl and paper).

  • Editing Suites

    Editing Suites

    The seven Editing Suites are ideal for editing video, sound and recording quick voice-overs. All suites are networked with ultra-fast 10Gb/s network, making it possible to edit and grade, whilst sharing production files at speed.

  • Grading Suite 2

    Grading Suites

    The Grading Suites have neutral wall colours and lighting to provide optimal conditions for the colourist. The premium suite (Grading Suite 1) includes a Dolby calibrated screen to ensure ideal conditions.

  • Sound Studio

    Sound Studio

    The Sound Studio features a control and live room, ideal for post-production work, mixing and recording small bands. Both rooms are acoustically treated and isolated. Mixing console is an SSL AWS 924 Delat, with Dynaudio AIR and Genelec monitoring. Projects can be mixed from Stereo through to 5.1 / 7.1 / 9.1 and Atmos.

  • Newsroom


    The home of Journalism.London, our dedicated newsroom is fitted with 42" displays, an audio mixer, 8 line inputs and 80 channel mix, News Synergy Workstation and 15" Macbook laptops - all for student use.

  • Mac Lab

    Mac Lab

    The Elephant Studios at LSBU Mac Lab is fitted with Quad-Core and Dual GPU MacPros, available for digital media workshops and unsupervised student work.

  • Radio Studio

    Radio Studio and Control Room

    Our Radio Studio is built for four people, each with their own Cardiod condenser microphone feeding into a Radio control room with a set of mixer decks for five channels of audio playback, live broadcasting tools and on-air indicators.

  • Print Lab

    Print Lab

    A photographic specialised print lab that includes five A2 printers, an A0 printer, a mounting press and six MacPros with specialist monitors


    Elephant studios are situated in the Borough Road Building, 103 Borough Road, SE1 OAA.

    External hire

    For external hire queries please contact or 0203 195 0614.

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