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Financing your degree

A general guide on the cost of living in London in addition to your fees


This is a general guide to the cost of living you may expect in London in addition to your fees. You will need to assess the full costs of doing your research degree and build your own budget. For example, if you plan to do a lot of your research at home then utility/broadband bills may be higher, and travel lower. Depending on the type of your research you may need to budget for fieldwork or equipment costs.

ExpenseLiving in university accommodation (weekly)Living in private accommodation (weekly)
Accommodation£118.50 - £143.20£120 - £300
Food/household shopping£40 - £70£40 - £70
Utility bills£0£20 - £40
Local travel£10£15 - £35
Study materials£10£10
Entertainment£10 - £30£10 - £30
Other expenses£10 - £30£10 - £30
Total weekly expenses£198.50 - £223.20£225 - £515

International students need to show a minimum amount of funding to qualify for a Tier 4 visa. Find out more about visas by visiting our visas page.

You also need to consider your income may drop. Research students are expected to study through the year so additional paid holiday work is not an option, though it may be possible to supplement your income with teaching or other university work.



We work with many businesses on major commercial research projects where a postgraduate researcher is incorporated in their projects, often along with additional academic research input from the University. The business and the University jointly cover fees, provide an annual living allowance, and cover other fees such as extended conference funding.


For UK, and possibly EU students, loans are available with repayment delayed to after qualifying. For the MRes the standard postgraduate loan scheme (£10,280 in 2017) can be used.

A new government scheme offering PhD loans of up to £25,000 is planned for those beginning a PhD from 2018-19, though full details are not yet available.

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