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Current projects

E-cigarette advertising and public health

The research team are currently undertaking a study looking at the effects of e-cigarette advertising on attitudes towards e-cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes and what effects that might have on public health message efficacy.

The project is funded through the Tobacco Advisory Group funding stream at Cancer Research UK.

Research stories

Researchers unearth the flaw of major Drinkaware Trust Campaign

Health problems caused by excessive drinking cost the NHS around £3 billion a year. Cutting the amount people drink saves lives as well as money, and LSBU research is at the forefront of moves to cut binge drinking among the young.

LSBU researchers unearth the flaw of major Drinkaware Trust Campaign revealing the negative effects anti-drinking posters can have on binge drinkers. Research has influenced government policy and researchers have formed an ongoing advisory partnership with The Drinkaware Trust.

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