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Addictive and Health Behaviours

Investigating the determinants of addictive behaviours and interventions to modify them

The Addictive and Health Behaviours group takes a psycho-social view to addiction and health behaviours, and is increasing recognised internationally for its work.

Internationally recognised research

The Research Excellence Framework (2014) highlighted the research teams’ publication record as containing world-leading outputs and also commented on its effectiveness in translating research into real life application and impact.

The group contains world-leading authorities on subjects including:

  • social identity and addiction
  • meta-cognitions
  • e-cigarettes
  • visual methodologies
  • the delivery of alcohol related drinking interventions

Other areas of interest include perspective taking and alcohol, psychopharmacological and psycho-social effects of drugs and the use of substances for self-regulation.


  • I Can and I Can't signs on the ground

    The role of social identity in addiction treatment

    Bringing together their respective expertise in social identity and dual process, Dr Dan Frings and Prof. Ian Albery have spent the last four years conducting studies and developing the cessation maintenance model, which describes the processes that underpin how identities affect treatment outcomes.

  • The Pub Lab facility at LSBU

    The Pub Lab

    Simulating a pub environment, the facility enables researchers to create different environments through the use of lighting, music and pre-recorded background chatter, aiding our research in the area of alcohol consumption.

Real world impact

We work closely with stakeholders at all levels of operation, ranging from individual counsellors to accreditation bodies and national level policy advocate organisations. Our research has real application, informing accreditation and certification standards for addiction trainers, evaluating and halting national alcohol harm prevention campaigns and helping to develop treatment services. The group is also currently involved in a number of randomised controlled trials and service evaluations.

Research activities are complimented by a highly successful MSc Addiction Psychology and Counselling, an annual series of related lectures and talks, as well occasional training events.

International research links

We also have close ties with research groups who have similar interests, working both nationally and internationally and produce a number of significant, authored papers every year.

The increasing importance of our group is reflected in its involvement with journal stewardship – our members include Prof. Marcantonio Spada, the editor of Addictive Behavior Reports, and other members act as editors for journals such as Addiction and the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Who we are

The core grouping comprises of three Professors, two Associate Professors, two Senior Lecturers and a Lecturer. The grouping also currently employs three research fellows, numerous research assistants and has eight PhD students who are conducting research for their doctorates.

Who funds our work

Since 2014, the group has attracted over £150,000 in external funding. Current and past funding bodies including the Economic Social Research Council, Cancer Research UK, Leverhulme, The British Academy, The Drinkaware Trust, Alcohol Research UK,  the Society for the Study of Addiction and others.

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