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Unconditional Offer Scheme

Unconditional Offer Scheme

Our Unconditional Offer Scheme rewards applicants with a guaranteed entry to university, even before they've met the formal requirements for their course.

Candidates are chosen for their determination and self-belief, as well as their potential for success, best projected by their GCSE results, predicted grades, personal statement and references.

An unconditional offer will give you peace of mind, as well as ample time to get ready for starting your studies.

Keep going

If you've been offered a place on the scheme, stay on track. Your upcoming exams remain every bit as important, regardless of your unconditional offer.

Seeing your studies through is essential. Not only will future employers consider your grades, but remaining dedicated makes for an easier transition into higher education. Keep up the good work!


Want to learn more about your unconditional offer? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • We’re looking for applicants with outstanding achievements and future potential. We want to welcome students who we think will excel at LSBU and we’re very excited by this year’s applicants.

    In addition to predicted grades at Level 3, we’ve look at other parts of your application to determine eligibility, such as:

    • your personal statement,
    • existing academic performance,
    • extra-curricular accomplishments and activities,
    • academic or professional references,
    • performance at an interview, audition or assessment day (if a course requires one as part of its selection process).

    Only a small portion of our applicants receive an Unconditional Offer, so if you have been selected for the scheme you will have submitted a strong application.

  • Yes, we use GCSE results as part of our assessment criteria; applicants will need to hold a minimum of five GCSEs, including Maths and English Language, to be considered.

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to consider applicants currently studying towards Foundation programmes or Access to H.E. diplomas. These qualifications are taken in one year of study, and predicted grades are not usually available at the time of application, or are based on a limited amount of study. Applicants currently taking these qualifications will be considered for a conditional offer instead.

  • We are unable to consider international applicants for the scheme due to UKVI requirements.

  • Our Arts, Business, Social Sciences, Engineering and Science courses are included in the scheme.

  • Offers are only valid for courses starting in the year you’ve applied for, so unfortunately we can’t defer places to a future intake.

  • Unconditional offers are not dependent on final examination grades, so if you accept one, your place with us still stands, even if you don’t achieve your predicted grades.

    That said, it's important to stay committed to your exams.  Having a guaranteed place will help you to start preparing for university-level study earlier on and maintaining a good work ethic is crucial to making this transition easier. Not only this, but future employers will consider all of your grades - so keep up the good work!

  • You’ll need to keep an eye on your UCAS ‘reply deadline’ and ensure you make your choices within that timeframe. Scheme participants aren’t required to accept their place before being made an unconditional offer; our offer is truly unconditional and this will be reflected on your UCAS Track account.

    If you decide to join LSBU, you just need to select us as your Firm choice. To prepare for September, remember to apply for Student Finance and Accommodation in good time.

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