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Access Bursary

The University is offering full-time Home undergraduate students starting in September 2018 up to 100 bursaries. The scheme has been set up to support students from lower-income families and to ensure no one is discouraged from coming to LSBU due to financial reasons.

How it works

LSBU's Access Bursary is awarding eligible Home students a £1,000 cash bursary. The bursary is automatically allocated by LSBU to eligible students and is paid directly into a student's bank account in two instalments in the first year of study: £500 in February and £500 in May. 

To be considered for the Access Bursary you have to have accepted a conditional or unconditional offer for our September 2018 intake and have applied for the maximum maintenance loan by 25 May 2018. Read more about student finance on the website.

Check whether you're considered a Home student as defined by current government fees legislation by going to the UKCISA website.


Priority to receive an Access Bursary is given to students that meet the criteria set out below in the following order:

  1. Care Leavers/Care Experienced students up to the age of 25
  2. Those in receipt of the Special Support Element, as assessed by Student Finance England
  3. From one of our PPAs or LPNs
  4. From lower-income families, who have a declared a residual household income of £0

Successful Home students will also need to meet these eligibility requirements. You'll need to:

  1. be a new self-funding full-time Home undergraduate student paying yearly fees of £9250, or taking out a Tuition Fee Loan from The Student Loans Company for all or part of the £9250
  2. be resident in England
  3. be starting university for the first time
  4. have applied for the maximum maintenance loan and have been income assessed by Student Finance England
  5. have a residual household income of no more than £25,000, as assessed by Student Finance England. You will be expected to have applied for means-tested student-support from Student Finance England and given consent to share information in order that your declared household income level may be verified.

Please note there is a maximum access bursary allocation of up to 350 awards.

How to apply

The scholarship is automatically allocated by LSBU to eligible students – so you don't need to submit a separate application form.

Apply for your place to study at LSBU today and make your application to Student Finance England for means-tested support, giving your consent, or your sponsor's, to share information.

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