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Interview and Selection Days

One to one interview - prospective student and Course Director
Some of our courses require applicants to complete an interview, audition or testing session before an offer can be made to you

We appreciate that the prospect of an interview or testing day can be daunting. So, we try and make them as friendly and welcoming as possible.

Not all courses use interviews and testing as part of the application process. The following subject areas do use a variety of interview and testing techniques as part of the application process: 

These days are all a chance for you to shine and showcase your skills and enthusiasm to our Course Directors. Please make sure that you read all of the resources that we publish in advance so that you fully understand what's involved in the process and expected of you on the day.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview via email. These emails will provide you with detailed instructions.

Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health courses

Read through application guidance for pre-registration health courses for a comprehensive summary of the staged application process and to access to the full range of useful guides and sample tests available.

Post-application numeracy and literacy tests

These sessions run throughout the year at our Southwark campus and we run many throughout the academic year in small groups. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend a numeracy and literacy test on-campus via email. 

Once you’ve been signed in, you’ll be taken through to the testing room by one of the team who will stay with your group until everyone has finished. You may want to take a tour of the campus once you’ve finished if you haven’t managed to view the campus already.

Mini interview

If you are successful at your literacy and numeracy testing session you'll be invited back by our Admissions Team to attend a multiple mini interview session. These sessions are run by the academics who will be teaching your course and give you the opportunity explain you interest in, and commitment to, the area of study.

Arts and Creative Industry courses

The following section of the website provides useful guidance on what to expect from the interview process: Interview day - School of Arts and Creative Industries.

For those applying to some of our Arts and Creative Industries courses, you'll be asked to attend an interview and workshop session via email.

As well as showcasing your portfolio of work and experience to Course Directors you'll be able to participate in a rage of different workshops, meet potential classmates and ask any questions you need answers to.

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