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Buildings of the London skyline

The building industry is a vital component of our world, but is responsible for colossal amounts of energy consumption

The conference is co-organised with AMPS.

Conference dates: 9-10 February 2017
Abstract submission deadline: 20 October 2016
Delegate fee: £190

Visit the AMPS website for the full conference call and registration.

Estimates of the building industry’s contribution to world carbon emissions reach as high as 30% worldwide – with figures on energy consumption in the region of 40%. Given the scale of the industry’s contribution to these figures it cannot be ignored.

However, integral to environmental effects are the social implications of unsustainable practices: unaffordable housing, excessive running costs and divided communities to name but a few. Premised on this dual understanding of sustainability the conference is interested in three specific areas:

  1. Housing
  2. Commercial buildings
  3. Urban design.

Within this context the variety of themes it suggests includes (but are not limited to):

  • Sustainable construction; eco-retrofitting; resilience; adapting to climate change; building sustainability assessment tools; construction engineering; eco-materials and technologies; and life cycle analysis.
  • Affordable housing; design for life; sustainable communities; effective public transit; low-tech, low-cost self -build, participatory planning; and social inclusion.

The conference welcomes international contributions from across sectors, such as environmental engineers, sustainable architects, urban planners, infrastructure designers, building technologists, policy makers and others.

Paul Allen, leader of the Zero Carbon Britain programme with the Centre for Alternative Technologies, has been confirmed as a keynote speaker.

The conference is organised by LSBU and AMPS.

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