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The following is a list of conference websites hosted at LSBU. For a full list of conferences, seminars, public lectures and other types of event, please see our event listing.

Past conferences

International Conference on Banking and Finance
1-3 June 2016
A platform for discussing major critical banking and finance challenges and issues.

Business in a dynamic world
15-17 January 2016
The First International Conference for "Business in a dynamic world" will see distinguished researchers and academics present their latest research on the business and economic processes underway within the international economy.

Going North for Sustainability
23-25 November 2015
Leveraging knowledge and innovation for sustainable construction and development.

Living and sustainability
9-10 February 2017
An environmental critique of design and building practices, locally and globally.

21-23 June 2017
The International Workshop on Resilient Computing Platforms and Technologies for Disaster Management

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