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  • Supported Lodgings for Young People Leaving Care

    This project researched the supported lodgings provisions, policies and practice of social services departments providing statutory support and advice to young people leaving the care system.

  • The Health Trainer programme in Wessex

    The DH Health Trainer Programme Central Team and British Psychological Society Consultants to the DH Central Team identified a need for more qualitative data to capture the impact that a Health Trainer intervention has on individuals, including the broader impact on the health of their families and communities.

  • Cystic Fibrosis - Caring for Adults through Tai chi

    Ten patients from the Royal Brompton Hospital completed this six-week study, which highlighted a range of issues regarding outcome measures and tai chi delivery. It has informed the design of the last of three phases, which is a randomised controlled trial with fifty adult and child participants.

  • Recruitment and retention to pre-registration nursing project

    Funded by two local learning networks, this project explored the application data for those who were and weren't accepted to our pre-registration nurse education programme.

  • Reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis, heart attack, stroke and amputations

    Reducing the risk of deep vein thrombosis, heart attack, stroke and amputations

    London South Bank University and Actegy research partnership have collaborated on a study to investigate discomfort associated with poor circulation. Swollen ankles, cold feet – the pain associated with poor circulation affects both healthy people and those with underlying conditions. But treatment still relies heavily on symptomatic pharmaceutical and compression therapies – like aspirin and the stockings sold at airports – or more drastic surgical interventions.

  • Transitions from acute hospital wards to sub-acute or community healthcare services

    Transitions from acute hospital wards to sub-acute or community healthcare services

    This study investigated transitions for frail and older people from acute hospital wards to community hospitals or community-based healthcare services. This research was conducted using a qualitative case study approach and within an NHS Trust that had vertically integrated acute hospital and community care services, and developed pathways for integrated care.

  • NHS workplace wellbeing initiatives

    Local NHS workplaces recognise that staff well-being is key to productivity, performance, engagement and the patient experience.

  • Energy switching for people on low incomes

    This project looked at a major factor leading to poverty – domestic energy expenditure.

  • Risk factors in diabetes

    This trial was conducted to assess whether the dietary supplement (bromelain) had the potential to reduce plasma fibrinogen as well as other associated risk factors for CVD in diabetic patients.

  • The attitudes and behaviours of obese adults

    This study investigated the attitudes and behaviour of obese adults in one London borough.


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