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MArch: Master of Architecture postgraduate studio: Studio 22

Architecture plans

The studio structure is central to postgraduate architectural education at LSBU and contributes to the academic rigour and sense of enquiry of the programme

Studio 22 takes a fundamental approach to the way architects will have to re-focus and engage with a rapidly changing environment through design.  The focus is the city as the primary consumer of the planet's remaining resources, as increasing urban populations and unsustainable growth force us to re-examine how we make and adjust what constitutes 'the city'.

Here, the leaders of Studio 22 explain their theme for 2016.

Our theme for 2016: "Re/source"

"Our theme this year takes a fundamental approach to the way we as Architects will have to re-focus/engage with a rapidly changing environment through design. The focus is ‘the city’ as the primary consumer of the planet’s remaining resources.  It is clear that increasing urban populations and unsustainable growth will force us to re-examine how we make and adjust ‘the city’ rather than blindly carrying on regardless of the consequences.

"Critically, it is necessary to explore these issues from a learned and independent position; shared research (in)forms the basis of studio works. Investigations take 3 parallel approaches on programme, context and resource.

"The aim is to identify ‘interstitial’ programmes possible in particular contexts. These are the activities of the city which support the essentially human urban life outside of the established overriding consumptive programmes such as working, housing and entertainment.

"This year's proposals are both prototypical and specific in nature, but essentially productive. The group research and investigation is the basis from which projects develop, and looks at the architectural potential of alternative and emerging energy, food, transport and social organisational structures to define a parallel approach to city-making.

The basic question underlying studies is ‘is it (im)possible for the city to be truly self-sufficient and sustainable?’

Studio 22

"We explore the potential of both new and adapted architectures simultaneously at both macro (strategic) and micro (materiality) scales. This informs the overriding interest in sustainable and creative architectural strategies and ultimately physical and stimulating environments to be made and inhabited.

"This year the context is one of London’s oldest tributaries - Walworth Road, and we are again proposing ‘big ideas for small planet’. This area is fertile with issues defining what the future of a city like London will become. The projects explore meaningful and provocative alternatives to the current rampant and unfettered (over) development requiring the cleansing of a city of both its communities and city spaces. Southwark leads the way in this respect.

"Projects explore issues of the approaching issues of climate change locally, self-sustaining communities, food security and resource re-use in London, among others. Our study trip this year was to Sao Paulo and Brasilia to investigate the problems and solutions for future cities in an age of rapid urban transformation, and to be inspired by architectural works with a critically positive social agenda by giants such as Lina Bo Bardi, Joao Vilanova Artigas, and Oscar Neimeyer, among others…"

Read more about Studio 22 leader Mike Kane.

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