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Anna Machin, MSc Corporate Governance, scholarship recipient

Anna Machin

A Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship is helping one LSBU student to make a real difference to the lives of young people and the communities they live in

When it came to getting back into education, Cambridge University graduate Anna Machin had no doubts that LSBU was the best place to study her Masters. Through her work heading up the Fundraising and Communication team for the national charity Student Hubs, Anna became increasingly interested in what companies can achieve through Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

Inspired by achievements

"Student Hubs works in eight UK universities to inspire, connect and support students to shape a better world," she says. "We partner with companies like Barclays, Accenture and IBM, and I became inspired by their achievements through Corporate Social Responsibility. I wanted to learn more, so joining the MSc Corporate Governance at LSBU was the perfect solution."

Academic study with a professional qualification

Anna found the course after an online search, and was immediately impressed by the practical nature of what she would study. "The fact that the Masters combined academic study with a professional qualification made the course a really ideal way for me to pursue my goal of becoming a Chartered Secretary," she recalls. "In addition, the chance to study part-time was perfect for me."

Attending an Open Day confirmed to Anna that not only was the course perfectly suited to her, but our location was too: "The location is really important to me, as I live and work in London and can attend evening lectures after finishing work," she says.

Advanced understanding

Anna has been delighted with how the course has advanced her understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility. "It enables me to engage with the issues academically whilst gaining a qualification that will improve my future career prospects," she says.

"I'm also lucky to have a supportive employer who sees the benefit of me undertaking part-time study," says Anna. "I have been able to put a lot of her learning into immediate use as part of my existing role."

Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship

LSBU awards up to £48,000 in Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships and bursaries to postgraduate students each year. They are made possible by donations to our Annual Fund from alumni and other supporters.
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