Project: virtual launch of each School

Raising the profile and positioning the Schools – offering a platform for Deans to introduce their School to a broad range of stakeholders

During the autumn we virtually launched each of the Schools. The launch was made up of three elements: a series of homepage slides on the University website, two full-page press advertorials per School, and complementary activity on social channels.

Since the launch of the revamped School microsites Google Analytics shows 65% uplift in traffic to Schools compared to LYTD. 

The University website is also now ranked No.1 HE and FE website (out of 330) for functionality, quality and performance according to the independent sitemorse rankings – a rise of 164 places since 2012. The number one ranking also recognises that the site is highly optimised for search engines, offers an effective user experience no matter what device or browser it is accessed through, and that it conforms to W3C and IETF technical standards.

Homepage takeover

The homepage slides occupy the most prominent real estate on the website. The series of homepage slides (five per School) gave us the opportunity to bring to the surface key stats, exceptional subject facilities, student achievements and awards. [selection above]

Engaging social activity

Proactive activity on School and University social channels tied in with the themes of the editorial and encouraged further engagement and interaction. [Hover over images to see full posts]

Advertorial series - tells the story

The backbone of the articles (in the Metro and Evening Standard) was an interview with each Dean. The University is a sum of its parts – and the advertorial series (published over 7 consecutive weeks) present a rich picture of the institution as a whole. 

Scan Metro Advertorial Applied Science  
School of Applied Science 

Professor Raymond Lee demonstrated the School’s commitment to impact and excellence using evidence from research case studies that have shaped policy and delivered valuable socio-economic benefits. He also brought to the fore the support we provide to early career researchers.

Read the full articles Metro: science with impact (PDF File 17,568 KB) and Evening Standard: making a mark in the community (PDF File 16,205 KB).

Metro advertorial School of Arts and Creative Industries
School of Arts and Creative Industries

Professor Janet Jones detailed the buoyant creative sector, which is growing faster than any other UK industry and now contributes £146,000 per minute to the UK economy. She placed University investment in industry-standard media facilities at the heart of supporting the School's creative thinking and interdisciplinary digital practice.

Read the full articles Metro: a creative explosion (PDF File 19,122 KB) and Evening Standard: courses with commercial appeal (PDF File 16,533 KB).

Metro advertorial School of Built Environment and Architecture
School of The Built Environment and Architecture

Professor Charles Egbu focused on how the School addresses skills gaps and shortages in the building sector, positioning LSBU as responsive to and connected with industry. He profiled cutting-edge facilities, a curriculum informed by research and enterprise and interdisciplinary working that reflects the real experience of working in design teams.

Read the full articles Metro: building the future (PDF File 19,068 KB) and Evening Standard: build a career around construction (PDF File 519 KB)

Metro advertorial School of Business
School of Business

Professor Mike Molan focused on progressive business education happening outside, as well as inside the classroom. He profiled the School’s opportunities for students to engage in consultancy projects and live briefs, work placements, business games and simulations. Recent accreditation by the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs was a nice tie in to global entrepreneurship week.

Read the full articles Metro: the enterprising university (PDF File 17,802 KB) and Evening Standard: where great careers and businesses are launched (PDF File 16,474 KB).

Metro advertorial School of Engineering
School of Engineering

Professor David Mba profiled exciting technologies that challenge the next generation of engineers to think differently and develop creative solutions to real-world problems. He also presented creativity and entrepreneurship at the heart of our approach to engineering education.

Read the full articles Metro: engineering a brighter future (PDF File 18,738 KB) and Evening Standard: the future vision of engineering (PDF File 15,761 KB).

Metro advertorial School of Health and Social Care
School of Health and Social Care

Professor Warren Turner raised the profile of, and showed pride in, our connections with partner hospitals and trusts. He illustrated how our students benefit from exceptional subject facilities, placement opportunities and a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that reflect the way people work within the NHS. He also contextualised future changes in student funding in health – offering prospective students practical advice.

Read the full articles Metro: at the heart of health (PDF File 16,370 KB) and Evening Standard: making an impact in the real world (PDF File 15,730 KB).

Metro advertorial School of Law and Social Sciences
School of Law and Social Sciences

Professor Craig Barker demonstrated the School’s commitment to social justice and global responsibility. He illustrated how the curriculum engages with addressing the challenges of modern London life, and life as a global citizen. He presented the broader student experience as a supportive and inclusive one, weaving in the University’s recent accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation.

Read the full articles Metro: how to make a real difference (PDF File 18,335 KB) and Evening Standard: make a difference in the real world. (PDF File 17,402 KB)

Thoughts and comments...

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