Continuous Professional Development for addiction treatment professionals


As a successful addiction treatment practitioner or manager, you need to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date, as well as adding to the tools you have available to you

Drawing on a combination of our established expertise in the field of addiction and a team of high quality trainers, LSBU offers a range of courses for professionals working in the area of addiction treatment.

One day courses cost £180. Discounts are available for Alumni, FDAP members and for multiple bookings.

Most of our courses take place over one or two days at our convenient central London location at Elephant and Castle. For those wanting a higher level qualification, we also offer our highly successful MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Problem Drinking

This course is currently closed for bookings. Please check back for further developments.

Delivered by Prof. Marcantonio Spada, a leading researcher in the area, this full-day workshop will illustrate and explore the application of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to the treatment of problem drinking. Areas covered will include assessment, problem conceptualisation and case formulation, and key treatment interventions. Emphasis will be equally placed on the provision of key information and the practice of core CBT skills. Find out more and book your place.

Problematic Pornography Use

This course is currently closed for bookings. Please check back for further developments.

Problematic Pornography Use (PPU), sometimes called pornography addiction, can be a disabling issue that affects people's wellbeing, relationships and overall functioning. It is a little understood and studied issue, but this has not stopped private treatment providers offering a range of interventions. This workshop, delivered by James Binnie (a research practitioner with over a decade and a half of experience) will explore the concept of PPU, firstly in terms of definition and then what we know already about its causes, maintenance and treatment. Find out more and book your place.

Insights into Social Identity in Addiction Treatment

This course is currently closed for bookings. Please check back for further developments.

Social identities have been shown to be powerful forces in shaping perceptions and behaviour. Recently, a social identity perspective has been applied to health and, more specifically, the treatment of addiction. This workshop will explore how social identities are associated with the cessation of addictive behaviours through the Social Identity Model of Cessation Maintenance (SIMCM), developed by the academics leading the course – Dr Daniel Frings and Prof. Ian Albery. Find out more and book your place.

Choice and Control in Addictive Behaviour

This course is currently closed for bookings. Please check back for further developments.

Do addicts have choice in how they behave, how they think and how they feel? Are addicts right to say that they have lost control over what they do? Led by leading figures in the field (Prof. Ian Albery and Dr Tony Moss) this course will address these types of questions by examining recent empirical evidence, which suggests that the ways we have thought about choice may not always reflect how people actually think in their social worlds. It will analyse ideas that view our behaviours as resulting from both conscious and unconscious thoughts. This will result in trying to account for addictions from a perspective that includes this "dual process". Find out more and book your place.

Reasons to choose LSBU

  • Our broad psychosocial approach to addiction - The Division of Psychology at LSBU recognises that addiction is more than a physiological phenomena. All our courses take a psychosocial approach to understanding and treating addiction. We also recognise addiction can take forms beyond substance use.
  • We are experts in our field - All our trainers are either well established practitioners or academic researchers in the field of addiction. All are experts in their chosen field, and our training is based on the latest scientific evidence.
  • We offer different levels of CPD depending on your experience - Many other courses try and fail to offer a suitable experience for both established and new practitioners. We are honest in outlining who our courses are suitable for before you choose. We also only run courses when there are sufficient people to offer a good experience, and limit classes sizes for the same reason (book early to avoid disappointment!)
  • Alumni network - All attendees to our courses will be invited to our exclusive networking events which take place throughout the year. These provide an opportunity for you to meet others in your field, exchange ideas and generate new business opportunities with a like minded community.
  • Accreditation - Our courses are accredited by the Federation for Drug and Alcohol Professionals (FDAP).

Book a course

Special pricing plans and discounts are available for corporate clients and for those booking more than three courses at a time. Get in touch to find out more.

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