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A discussion in the Health Innovation Lab

Revolutionising health and social care

We aim to prioritise citizens' contributions.

The People's Academy exists to challenge how professionals consider and respond to everyone receiving care or who support them personally and professionally. We work with anyone involved in health and social care to strengthen the voices of patients and citizens and to help their insight make a difference to the future wellbeing of our nation.

Modern attitudes in healthcare are seeing the benefit of services built around the needs of people. Helping to shape this is the ‘expertise by experience’ offered by patients, carers, service users and sector professionals. As a collective, they are an essential resource of first-hand knowledge. Their lived experiences are recognised for the impact they have to advise and transform the Health and Social Care sector.

The members' forum is a major feature of The People’s Academy. Its diverse membership applies its first-hand knowledge and experience of health and social care; collaborating to inform government, shape policy, assist recruitment and improve perceptions and understanding.

Our vision

Valuing citizens’ contribution to innovations in health and social care.

Key objectives

To revolutionise health and social care through citizens collaborating and participating in advocacy and co-production of education, research and innovation.

Why The People’s Academy at LSBU?

The already strong community and citizenship focus of the work achieved by London South Bank University's (LSBU) School of Health and Social Care is a thriving resource for The People’s Academy. The School is highly innovative, responsive to the needs and demands of its partners, and completes large amounts of applied research. Like the University as a whole, its academic work is tasked with finding practical solutions for real-life impact.

Get in touch

To share your interest in The People’s Academy or to find out more, email Anam Farooq at or call +44 (0)20 7815 8043.

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