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A person weightlifting in the Academy of Sport

The tailor-made PerformWell programme caters for a range of standards

We offer services to elite athletes and teams, the recreationally competitive, and active sports people of all abilities.

The HPC team led by a BASES-accredited physiologist works closely with athletes and coaching staff to determine performance status and needs for training progression to a competitive standard, and assist in the achievement of individual and team goals. PerformWell is designed to assess, advise and monitor performance across the following areas:

  • Exercise physiology
  • Biomechanics
  • Sports nutrition
  • Sport psychology
  • Notational analysis
  • Strength and conditioning

Our services

The services we offer include:

  • Functional strength: to assess the strength of and the balance between the major muscle groups and compare them against recommended norms for gender, age and functional requirements.
  • Joint range of motion: to determine the flexibility of the joints and the kinaesthetic sense and function, which are essential in assessing recovery and ability to return to daily activities, work and sports.
  • Speed, power, endurance, agility and acceleration: to assess key performance determinants of particular importance for team sports by conducting a range of gym based tests.
  • Periodised training programmes: to devise an individualised training programme appropriate to individual level and goals that is progressively structured over time to enable peak performance for competition.
  • Team training sessions: to design training sessions for teams of 5 to 15 members aiming to develop power, agility, speed and strength based on consultations with a qualified strength and conditioning coach.
  • Coaching decision-making: to conduct consultation with an accredited sport psychologist regarding the development and optimisation of decision-making during the game; may include game analysis, analysis of team and individual players, review of strategies to develop and optimise decision-making skills.
  • Dietary analysis: to provide remote assessment of diet over a three day period with personalised recommendations from an accredited nutritionist on weight management, eating for optimal performance and identification of nutritional deficiencies.
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