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A physiology monitor for human performance studies

InnovateWell uses cutting-edge research and development techniques

We deliver a range of product-testing and development services for health and sport practitioners, and industry.

As part of the Human Performance Centre, InnovateWell gives access to scientific expertise at the forefront of physiology, psychology, biomechanics, nutrition and food science, biochemistry, engineering, product prototyping and health. Our team of experts work to provide industry, community organisations and individuals with a highly skilled research and development service for testing new technologies, providing feedback on product effectiveness and supporting marketing claims

We offer support through our expertise in:

  • Testing the effects of new training programmes, food products and supplements on human health and function, physical performance, cognition, and mood.
  • Evaluating physiological and cognitive effects of various physical and environmental modalities, e.g. electrical stimulation, vibration, magnetic fields, ultrasound, hypoxia, nutritional interventions or extreme temperatures.
  • Testing, developing, and optimising sport footwear and clothing.
  • Analysing visual perception and action.
  • Tracking perceptual-motor learning and development.
  • Investigating sport and exercise psychology.

Examples of successful products that have benefitted from our expertise include:

  • Nutritional products: CherryActive®, Firefly Tonics,
  • Footwear technology: FitFlop®
  • Health and fitness-promoting technologies: Revitive®, Flexibar®, FitVibe®, Aerosure®, Ice-Vibe®.
  • Health and fitness initiatives: Walkactive, Silverfit Charity, ‘This Girl Can with Lambeth’.
  • Sports performance and recovery strategies: Hypoxic training with the Altitude Centre, Hydration with the European hydration institute.
  • Digital games for learning in sport: Serious Sports project (EU), Ice-Vibe®.

Learn more about our case studies and collaborators.


The Human Performance Centre team has created or contributed to a number of successful commercial patents. See a summary of relevant patents:

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