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Primary Care Academies

A group talk on health and innovation

The Future of the NHS is dependent on effective and efficient primary care, working in collaboration with local citizens to secure community–based solutions. General practice is central to reducing avoidable demand on secondary care and is itself experiencing significant demand, with little headroom to find adaptive solutions. Changing demographics, the impact of austerity and increasing scrutiny are generating complex multiple demands.

The Health Systems Innovation Lab’s Primary Care Academy is working practices to:

  • Advocate for improvement and innovation in Primary Care across London.
  • Provide local solutions and programmes where there is a gap until there is local or accessible capacity/ training/ skills, in leading quality, data for improvement and innovation, QI methods, co-production and innovation.
  • Coach and supervise local newly developed teams in these skills and approaches.
  • Facilitate strategic development in these areas.
  • Host pan-London communities of practice, and in the future a database of evidence-based tools and methods.
  • Catalyse the development of data scientists, data literacy for improvement and innovation in professionals and citizens.

View the Lessons from London's Primary Care Quality Academies presentation.

Primary Care Academy Network event

We recently held a London Primary Care Academy Network Learning Event in December 2017 to bring everyone together to share learning and discuss new approaches to manage demand, with guest speaker Prof Jean Louis Denis from University of Montreal.

View the presentation from the Primary Care Academy Network event.

We aim to hold another Primary Care Academy event in April 2018. Please get in touch to register your interest.


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